Crafty Girls Needles Ready!

Hazel and Pat were delighted to see so many members arrive for the start of the new Crafty Girls day time session.  On display were several items that had been previous BEWI projects and members also brought along designs they were creating.  Everyone had been asked to bring needles and soon, for beginners, there was a great deal of concentration with more expert knitters on hand to give encouragement.  And this has to be the best thing, members helping one another to learn a new skill and enjoying the company.

Bobble hats for bottles, knitted poppies for Remembrance, blankets for babies, stunning patchwork and a cosy knitted jacket with an intricate pattern

were being created by members.

Hazel and Pat are always keen to try new ideas and next month they’ve promised a session on felting.

Out of this world in October

The October meeting was, as usual, a buzz of conversation however, our speaker Bill Coombes had us engrossed with his fascinating talk about the International Space Station.  Would we like to visit, I’m not so sure but the winner of this month’s competition, Sara Fursdon said her luxury item would be Florida Pink Grapefruit high juice squash (from a popular food store!) if she was going to spend time there. BEWI’s members donated an astronomical sum of £232 for Bill’s chosen charity, Macmillan Caring Locally.  

In focus?

12 members of the BEWI Camera Club certainly hoped everything was in focus on a murky, dull day in October.  Mists swirled along the coast, the waves hammered the shore and we were there, cameras ready.  Our aim was to take architectural photos of the castle, cliffs and rock face. Well that went by the board and we were snapping anything and everything except for the squirrels who moved too quickly!  The rain came just as we were about to have coffee and cake in the excellent cafe, lots of chat and lots of fun.

Gardeners Get Going

After an informative inaugural meeting in September of the new BEWI Gardening Club several members visited Jacqui’s garden.  The original visit had been delayed due to exceptionally high winds but the following day was perfect and with the sun shining, the light reflected off some wonderful vibrant blooms.  As we wandered around the garden everyone shared planting tips and particularly admired the vegetable garden with its raised beds.  Ruth, as promised, bought along her secateurs and we were given a master-class in how to prune a black current bush.  Ruth had challenged us to clean and sharpen our secateurs; have you used ketchup to clean your blades?  

As well as meeting monthly, the new club hopes to share information, plants and visit gardens.