Behind the scenes at the Regent Centre

19 members visited the Regent Centre, Christchurch for a Behind-the-Scenes tour. Opened as a cinema on Boxing Day 1931 for the modest cost of £25,000, in 1974 it became a Mecca Bingo Hall. 10 years later Christchurch Town Council bought it, a trust was formed and it returned to a cinema, plus live performances. 2019 was its best year – the Downton Abbey film helped, and it was named the most successful independent cinema in the UK. During the pandemic the trust were able to go ahead with a planned refurbishment, returning it to 1930s décor, and thankfully a grant from the BFI (British Film Institute) covered Covid losses. After a tour including projection box and back-stage we were treated to some black and white newsreels, adverts and trailers. We also saw the seats sponsored by BEWI.

Full report please read the pdf attached

Regent Centre visit March 2022 (pdf)