Our congratulations to BEWI Officers and all the members of the committee.  The Annual Meeting last week had us thinking back over the last year to remember all the events, speakers, challenges and fun.  Our local WI may focus on friendship and support but we are all members of the WI, a campaigning organisation that initially shared much history with the Suffragettes and today is still has a powerful voice.  Last year’s resolution (a democratic decision taken with all members having a vote) started a campaign for Clean Rivers for People and Wildlife which seems highly appropriate when reading the News over the last week.  The WI continues to discuss Microfibres, Loneliness, Transport and it’s probable that the next campaign will focus on Dental Health Matters.

Yes we sang Jerusalem at our Annual Meeting but we’re not all making jam!  Good luck to our President Ann for her next year and to our hard-working committee.

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