Coronation Planter

BEWI have been involved with the Coronation Planter, now in position by the Village Hall playground, from the original idea and donation of funds, to planting, completed this week by BEWI Gardening Club members.  The Coronation Planter has a variety of drought resistant and colourful plants.
We now need assistance from all our members.  Help is required with keeping them watered please. The sun is hot at 9am already and although our BEWI gardeners have watered them, bringing various containers filled with water, and put a thick layer of mulch to keep the moisture in, only the top layer is damp. If you are near the Village Hall for whatever reason, please can you take a container of water with you and help us keep these beautiful plants alive. Thank you in anticipation!
Our thanks to all those, too numerous to mention who have been involved in this project but especially to our local garden experts, MacPennys for advice and delivering everything that was needed. We look forward to seeing how the plants grow and hope they make you smile when visiting the Village Hall.