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BEWI Skittles

Thursday 24 November at 6.30 pm
Crowe WI Hall
Crowe Lane
BH24 3DZ
Cost £.300
Ladies do you fancy an evening of fun? We are holding a Skittles Evening at Crowe WI
and are looking for people to make up the teams – no previous experience necessary. To
keep costs low please bring along a small plate of food/nibbles which will go out on a
buffet table to be shared by everybody.
The cost is only £3 and will include tea/coffee, but you are more than welcome to bring
along any other type of beverage if you would prefer.
There is a car park at the Crowe WI Hut but we are also allowed to park next door at the
Raptor Centre – bring a torch
Please let Carol Huxley know if you wish to come along and join in
the fun either by email –
by phone 01425 673 965

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