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Wine Club Meeting postponed

Monday 18th October, 7.30pm – postponed – please check at the weekend for further information
Venue: to be confirmed
This month I am aiming to look at a particular grape variety, which is the Primitivo Grape, so some red wine in the offing this time but not all…. It is not one of the top varieties used but has grown in popularity over recent years due to the development of different techniques for both cultivating and wine production.
I have made it my aim when choosing the wines that I showcase a representative sample of the type we are investigating. I can’t guarantee you will like them but it is a good way of trying a wine that might be new to you.
Please bring your £5 in an envelope with your name on it to the next WI group meeting. If you are unable to be at this meeting but you want to come, let me know by phone/email and you can put the envelope through my letter box. Just to reiterate, I need to have confirmed numbers and payment by the evening of Thursday 14th October, so that I can arrange groups and buy the wine. I will let you know your host on Friday and leave it to each group to decide how they will get to their host, be it with a car share or by ‘volunteering’ a partner to be the chauffeur!

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