Fortune Centre visit

A small group of BEWI members attended the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy yesterday morning where we were treated to some rather delicious pastries, tea and  coffee on arrival.  The principal and assistant principal gave us a brief outline of the college and how it operates and this was followed by a tour of the premises with a chance to meet some of the horses, watch the students grooming the horses, preparing their feed and we also observed a session in the indoor school where the horse was on a lunge rein and the students  had to walk or run alongside the horse keeping in step – this was a called a Rhythm Lesson. Fortune College is a specialist college for young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities aged 16-25.  There are three sites – two residential in Burley and Tiptoe, then the centre where the majority of the horses are kept on the outskirts of Bransgore.  Before the visit the majority of us were under the impression that it was a centre where students with learning disabilities were taught to ride.  We were wrong, it is so much more than that and the horses are used to teach the students everything from life skills to complementing their academic lessons.  

If anybody gets the opportunity to visit the College then take it up – it was a really informative and enjoyable visit.