Perfect places

The BEWI Gardening Club met on Monday and it wasn’t raining!  The weather, of course, has been a much discussed topic and our inability to get out into our gardens.  Vicky, our gardening host, didn’t appear to have stopped working in her garden and it was a delight.  The acer was a stunning red as was the blossoming crabapple tree.  Plants appear to fall over themselves to impress.  The would-be knowledgeable gardeners puzzled over some plants with shield shaped leaves and strangely shaped blooms.  In the end, with the aid of Google, we decided they were Friar’s Cowl plants, that was until we check with local horticultural guru Bob who identified it as Mouse tail or Mouse plant, Latin name Arisarum proboscideum.  The plant thrives in woodland and we’ve all learnt something new.  Leaving Vicky’s vivacious garden we visited Christine’s charming garden with carefully laid our contrasting colourful plants.  Heuchera leaves and hellebores thrived with tulips making a great show.  The greatest fun of the gardening club is the sharing of ideas and helping one another.  Our thanks to Vicky and Christine for a lovely morning.