Resolution Selection

At this time of year the WI is  gearing up for its next Annual Meeting and in 2024 WI is returning to its “spiritual home” of The Royal Albert Hall in London.  All members of the WI are able to vote for one of the proposed Resolutions and BEWI will, as they do every year, debate these at the January meeting.  This meeting gives members to time to discuss current issues often with passion and usually all of us learn something new.

The proposed Resolutions are:

  1. Dental Health Matters
  1. Impact of poor housing conditions
  1. Say ‘no’ to gambling advertising
  1. Improving Outcomes for Women in the Criminal Justice System

Next steps:

Every member now has the opportunity to cast their individual selection on the resolution they support the most. There can, of course, only be one that passes – so we know these four issues will inspire discussion, debate and passion over the coming months!