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Photo competition

July joint winning photo

July joint winning photo
June winning photo

Annual Competitions

  • Button Cup
  • Pattison competition
  • Photo competition


Monthly Competitions

February – Design a logo or write a slogan to promote a voluntary organisation

March – Either bring in your favourite vinyl, tape or CD from your teens or write the name and artist on a card

April – Bring in a souvenir which reminds you of a travelling experience at home or abroad

June – Write or print out a recipe you’ve used which includes honey as an ingredient

September -write a poem or bring in a photo of you with a very different hair do to what you have now

October – Bring in your favourite handbag or bring a photo of it

NovemberIn 100 words – ‘A voluntary contribution you have made to the local community past or present’

Special Photography Competitions – Monthly

Email 2 of your favourite photos to Ruth Dennison by the last day of the month to be entered into the competition.  All entries are judged by professional photographer Jonathan Ellis.

November 2021
Theme: Boots

December 2021
Theme: Christmas Tree

January 2022
Theme: Unusual views/angles of everyday items

February 2022
Theme: Textures

March 2022
Theme: Doors

April 2022
Theme: Sunset

May 2022
Theme: Creepy Crawlies or Animals

June 2022
Theme: Things on wheels

July 2022
Theme: Action Shot or Still Life

August 2022
Theme: Bridges

September 2022
Theme: Industrial Landscape

October 2022
Theme: Night Sky

November 2022

Theme: Circles or Geometry

Competition winners

November 2020 – Jacqueline Wiltshire, Jan Illot, Ruth Dennison
December 2020 – Lilibet McFetrich, Sandie Middleton, Joy England
January 2021 – Caroline Brace, Pat Gibbs, Sandie Middleton
February 2021- Joy England, Ruth Dennison, Christine Eeles

March 2021 – Ruth Dennison, Ann Hayden, Ruth Dennison

April 2021 – Joy England, Ruth Dennison, Jacqueline Wiltshire

May 2021 – Jacqueline Wiltshire, Ann Hayden, Ruth Dennison

June 2021 – Joy England, Lilibet McFetrich, Gaynor Baker

July 2021 – Ann Hayden, Anita Connor, Wendy Crosby

August 2021 – Anita Connor, Sandie Middleton, Jacqueline Wiltshire

September 2021 – Sarah Howard, Pat Gibbs, Christine Eeles

October  2021 – Wendy Crossby, Anita Connor, Pat Gibbs

November 2021 – Wendy Crossby, Anita Connor, Ruth Dennison

December 2021 – Anita Connor, Ruth Dennison, Vicky Stead

January 2022 – Christine Butcher, Mo Green, Sandie Middleton

February 2022 – Pat Gibbs, Mo Green, Ruth Dennison

March 2022 – Ruth Dennison, Christine Butcher, Joy England

April 2022  – Ruth Dennison, Alison Kitchener

May 2022 – Pat Gibbs, Wendy Crossby, Anita Connor

June 2022 – Andree Turner, Anita Connor, Pat Gibbs

July 2022 – Pat Gibbs, Christine Butcher, Anita Connor

Remember: If you enter the BEWI competitions you gain a point towards the Button Cup or Photo Trophy with the winners gaining 5 points. Runners up receive 3 or 2 points and entrants 1 point.

Hampshire County Federation WI organises competitions, please see their website
HCFWI Competitions (

Anne presented with the Pattison Cup
Ann with the Pattison Trophy

BEWI PHOTO COMPETITION – You have to be in it, to win it.

For a number of months now we’ve met via Zoom.

We’re still not back in our meeting room

And so, we were asked for a different submission

Instead of the table-based competition.

Committee came up with a clever new scheme:

A photo or two on a given theme.

We’ve had trees, Christmas baubles and cute baby birds

Beautiful, personal, winsome, absurd.

I’ve entered – and while it was only for fun

I’m amused once or twice when I’ve found that I’ve won!

But now I’ve discovered a sad reason why.

Some of our members are too camera-shy!

I’ve heard that some members have sent nothing in

As they think the same people are going to win.

That’s quite disappointing, to tell you the truth,

Please send in your entries: a photo to Ruth.

My knowledge of cameras won’t go very far.

I thought an F stop was the size of my bra!

And as for getting a picture in focus

All talk of apertures is just hocus-pocus.

When shielding at home with my husband Mike

And watching Covid figures continue to spike

I ventured no further than my own Hill Lane.

My garden the place to keep fit and stay sane.

All I did was click photos outside on my iPad

Yet to me the results were really not that bad.

New technology’s easy and all automatic

So, you don’t need to be a camera fanatic.

Remember when film was very expensive?

Now our photo collections can be quite extensive.

So surely dear members, you’ve something to show?

But if you don’t enter, then we’ll never we know…

by Jacqueline Wiltshire

Sara with the Button Cup
Sara with the Button Cup