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National Federation of Women’s Institutes
A platform for women to come together in support of one another and their community, to exert influence on matters of importance nationally and internationally and to acquire new skills and find new interests

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Hampshire Federation
BEWI is linked to the Ringwood Group of WIs and is part of the Hampshire Federation. There are 70 federations in the UK.
Hampshire Woman’s Institute – Inspiring women

Campaigns and Resolutions

Annually, the National Federation of Women’s Institute (NFWI) lobby legislators and/or Government on a matter which has been voted for by members. Previous resolutions are not forgotten, the WI continues to exert influence on all resolutions until a conclusion is reached.

We have campaigned on a huge range of issues in the past – from promoting women’s rights and fostering health awareness, to encouraging sustainable development and building a fairer society.

Find out more about our current campaigns:

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