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Rockbourne Fair visit

Rockbourne Fair.

The Rockbourne Fair will be held this October for the first time in two years.

I have organised a date of Thursday 14th October as our day to hit the shops and have a fabulous day out with friends. Entry fee has been capped at £5.00 per person to be paid on the day. All proceeds go to the Salisbury All Stars Hospital Trust.

The restaurant serves good food, tea and coffee.  If you wish to bring your own food and a drink please do so. There is limited space to sit within the Marquee and the restaurant understandably require you to eat food purchased in the restaurant when using their facilities. Outside if the weather is good a burger bar will be available.

The fair opens at 10.00am and closes at 5.00pm please let me know if you are attending, there will be a board available to sign up at the next WI meeting on the 14th September, however you may telephone me on 01425 673159 or email me on before the meeting.

If you require a lift please let me know.  We will meet in the car park behind the Co-op in Bransgore at 9.00am on the 14th October 2021.

The address for Rockbourne is:-  Salisbury Racecourse, Netherhampton  Road, Salisbury, SP2 8PNT

Attendees: Ann , Mary , Diane , Glynis , Ruth , Maggie , Lynn , Sue , Vicki , Chris , Caroline , Carol ,
Carole , Ann , Wendy , Sally , Sarah , Julia , Pat

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