Coronation memories

Just before Coronation Day the BEWI Local History Group enjoyed showing each other their treasures and memorabilia from previous royal celebrations. There were newspapers and a plate and spoon from Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, the plate given to its owner when she was born later that year.

A Fortnum & Mason caddy of Golden Jubilee Tea was kept from 2012, together with a commemorative coin and two mugs from Queen Elizabeth’s  Diamond Jubilee.
The 1930’s events were represented by the gold, red and blue front cover of an official souvenir programme (price one shilling) announcing the coronation of King George V1 and Queen Elizabeth in 1937. This detailed book gives abundant detail of the procession and guests and official photographs as well as the descent of the Crown going back to William the Conqueror.  A souvenir matchbox was from the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary of 1935.
Two very delicate coronation serviettes of tissue paper were from King Edward V11 ‘s coronation in 1902, and featured the Canadian Arch which was erected on the ceremonial route advertising Canada as an attractive emigration opportunity.
Last but by no means least  was a magnificent Britain’s model of the Golden Coach, horses and postillions made for 1953, much admired but never taken
out of the box.


The real Golden Coronation Coach  was built in 1762 for George 111 but was not ready in time for the coronation, so he and Queen Charlotte had to be carried to the Abbey on sedan chairs!
We were delighted to see what each other had stashed away in drawers and cupboards and would love to see what other members may have.
Note: the photo at the start of this article was taken the day before the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.