What do you do?

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I was chatting to someone the other day who said they wouldn’t join a WI because it was all about crafts.  OK, I said, many of our members are brilliant at creating things but there is more to the WI.  This week, for example, you can visit a member’s garden and discuss planting (or weeds!); attend the regular monthly meeting where we have a speaker from RNLI; join a trip to Sculptures on the Lake; help with the Village Fun Run and then next week, there’s another range of opportunities.  On top of all these local events, WI campaigns.  A WI member has a unique opportunity to turn a concern into a national campaign every year, backed by the whole of the WI.  You only need to look at the national website to see that  we campaign on a huge range of issues – from promoting women’s rights and fostering health awareness, to encouraging sustainable development and building a fairer society.

WI current campaigns include:

  • Thinking Differently: Autistic and ADHS Women and Girls
  • See the Sighs
  • Make a Match
  • Stop Modern Salvery
  • Climate Chante
  • End Plastic Soup
  • No more Violence Against Women

Ask our BEWI members and they say it’s all about friendship (survey 2023).  Want to find out more, you are always welcome to contact us.