Flowers and summer days

BEWI members seem to be surrounded by flowers in this wonderful month of June and summer has arrived with long warm days.  Many of our members were involved with plans for the Coronation planter; we visited a member’s pretty garden; our monthly photo competition theme was “Fabulous Flowers” and our Crafty Girls created glorious blooms out of crepe paper.  These artificial blooms were so good, they looked like some of the excellent photos submitted for the competition.  BEWI endeavours to find activities that members enjoy, not necessarily because they are good at them but it’s fun to learn in a group.  WI members can access courses via the WI Learning Hub as well as by working together with our own creative BEWI members.

The WI Learning Hub is part of the ongoing commitment of the NFWI and Denman Trust, to provide WI members flexible access to education.  Non-WI members can continue to access a number of courses available on the Hub for a charge; if you would like to find out more about joining the WI movement, visit

Do you think you would like to join BEWI, contact us via our Join Us tab.