Steve Hogan puts BEWI in the picture

In February, BEWI Camera Club invited Steve Hogan to tell us about his ongoing love and joy of photography. Steve, who lives in Mudeford, only commenced photography 6 years ago when on a cruise. He was rather bored and decided to purchase a small inexpensive camera to take pictures of the trip.  It was the start of a new passion and since retiring, photography has almost become a full-time job.  Steve was happy to share tips on taking photographs and advice on great local locations ideal for taking them.

He suggested we study the weather to see if it is going to be misty, sunny, cloudy red-skies etc. The ‘Clear Sky’s’ app is an excellent one to download and updates every 15 minutes.  Look at other weather apps too, to get a broad idea of the coming conditions. Keep going once you have decided to go out even if the weather changes.  Photography is all about light and even if it is raining you might catch a rainbow.  Wait, Wait, Wait is a good maxim to have with photography, keep looking around. You never know what you might see or happen.   Also always take a change of footwear and clothing  Layers are always a good idea, add a layer to keep warm!  Time will fly by when looking for that special picture, so ensure you take hot/cold drinks as well as a sandwich or two.

Steve showed us some of his stunning photos and said it is not necessary to buy an expensive camera. Mobile phones are a good option to always have on you enabling you to catch the unexpected picture.  He spent time explaining about composition and how to produce higher quality images.

The Camera Club were totally enthralled with Steve’s photographs.  Hopefully we can all remember what to do when we next go out with our cameras.