Watch the birdie!!

BEWI Camera Club were very fortunate to book Steve Milton and his partner Jen for a Zoom Presentation on Thursday 23rd February.  Four members acted as hosts and my goodness we were enthralled.

Together Steve and Jen are ‘Sleepy Robot Photography’ based in Llanelli, South Wales. (www.sleepyrobotphotography) They have been working together for over 8 years learning their craft and pride themselves on not following convention to create unique portrait photography that has a twist. Combining fashion and beauty photography to form high quality photographic art, they are different!!  Steve and Jen spend as much time creating props, sets or in post-production as actually photographing. The result is creative and unique, with imaginative stories and the WOW factor!

Steve and Jen have full time jobs and do their photography as a hobby!! They collect and recycle objects, materials, old crockery and what could be classed as rubbish to you and me e.g crisp packets, toilet rolls, cardboard, old smelly fishing nets and wallpaper.  Anything to produce unique costumes and amazing sets.  Jen is the crafting one and has made dresses from old jumpers, a parachute, a fake cello and created a divers’ helmet and suit.

They have constructed their own office and studio and have an old van used to carry their photography equipment and props to various places.  Setting up outdoors is a challenge. Very often they must cope with inclement weather conditions and difficult terrain. However, they do not let this defeat them, as you can see on their social media.

Once again we thank Steve and Jen for their amazing talk and inspiration. We certainly have been given food for thought with our photography.

Feature photograph by Steve and Jen